Molly Brodak

“Joseph Conrad’s Last Novel (Which Is Comprised Entirely of Face Colors Used in His Previous Novels)”

Cinnamon, Nut Brown, Yellow, Lemon Yellow,
Fatty Yellow, Shiny Yellow, Healthy Creole White
Which is Never Tanned by its Native Sunshine,
Clear, Twice as Sunbaked as Before, Shabby Gold,
Thinly Blue, Off-Black, of Too Much Swedish Punch,
Cooling Silver, Negrish, White as the Snows of Higuerota,
of Half-Raw Beef, of Rippling Copper, Semi-Translucent,
Waxy, Brick Dusty, of Quivering Leather, of Wet Hair,
Refreshingly Green, Poisonously Green, of Sodden Lead,
Dazzling Like a Ballroom with an Earthen Floor,
Invisibly Coloured, of Horn Powder, of a Hopeless Bird,
Besmeared with Tobacco, Exceedingly Rusted, of Crumbs,
Cigaresque, Betrayingly Pink, of Varied Loathsome Colors.

—Molly Brodak
—found in A Little Middle of the Night (2010)

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