Tarfia Faizullah
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“Poem Full of Worry Ending with My Birth”

Luck has nothing to do with rationality or morality…

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from The Glass Bead Game

Luck has nothing to do with rationality or morality…

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On luck and ordeals

I do strongly feel that among the greatest pieces of luck for high achievement is ordeal.

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“Aspects of Robinson”

…Robinson at home;
Decisions: Toynbee or luminol?

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Early November, the dead leaves
Raked in piles, the wicker swing…

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from “Birthmark”

Now began the part of her life where she was just very beautiful, except for…

Molly Brodak
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“Joseph Conrad’s Last Novel (Which Is Comprised Entirely of Face Colors Used in His Previous Novels)”

Cinnamon, Nut Brown, Yellow, Lemon Yellow,Fatty Yellow, Shiny Yellow, Healthy Creole WhiteWhich is Never Tanned…

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from All the Wrong Moves

…another instance of my manic mind urging me to adopt an unlikely persona that would be discarded as soon as my self-loathing dictated that it should be…

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from “A Temple of the Holy Ghost”

She could never be a saint, but…